Imperial Radiology Telereporting

If you're looking for a teleradiology company that can deliver fast, accurate, and reliable reports, look no further than The Imperial Radiology.

Our Approach

Use state-of-the-art technology combined and skilled medical professionals to provide accurate & timely imaging services to patients.

At The Imperial Radiology, we’re committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and support. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their needs are met and they receive the best possible care. Our team is dedicated to excellence and is constantly striving to improve our level of services by staying up to date with latest technology & best practices.

<15 mins for Stroke
99.9% Accuracy

Teleradiology services for stroke are critical for quick and accurate diagnosis and  treatment. We help you to quickly:

Identify sign of stroke
Identify extent of damage
Make life saving decision

30 - 45 mins for Trauma
99.9% Accuracy

Trauma cases require fast and accurate imaging to evaluate inuries & guide treatment decisions. Our teleradiology services help with:

Imaging Interpretations
Identify sign of trauma
Develop treatment plan

60 mins for ER Cases
99.9% Accuracy

Our team of experiences radiologists can quickly identify signs of life-threatening conditions. We quickly study the inital imaging for:

Diagnostics & reporting
Life threatening conditions
Critical treatment plans

Bridging the gap through
Technology & Innovation

Leading Radiology & Imaging Technologies

High-Quality Radiology Services

Routine Coverage

Your team is understaffed, no worries. We can help.

Second Opinion

Makes a lot of sense in case of serious illness/cases.

Backlog Coverage

Outsource your backlogs, we will speed up reporting.

Vacation Coverage

Radiologist on vacation. No Problems, call us.

24x7 365
Day Coverage

No matter what the time is, we are always ONLINE.

Emergency Coverage

We save thousands of lives with quick reporting.

Second Opinion Services

A second opinion in healthcare can provide many benefits and is often recommeded, particularly for complex or serious health conditions.
Confirmation of diagnosis

Sometimes, a second opinion can confirm a diagnosis made by a primary care physician or specialist. In other cases, it can help to clarify a diagnosis that is uncertain or incomplete.

Access to new treatment options

A second opinion can provide access to new treatment options that may not have been considered by the initial physician. This can lead to improved outcomes and quality of life for the patient.

Reduced risk of medical errors

A second opinion can help reduce the risk of medical errors, including misdiagnosis or incorrect treatment, which can have serious consequences on the patient’s health.

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